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A short week in P5, feels like it's over before it even started... Literacy and English In writing this week, we have been participating in BBC Radio 2's 500 Words competition. We were challenged to write a creative and imaginative story based on a specific object or image. In our planning we had to consider ... Continue reading "P5 Weekly Blog"


Here's a summary of our slightly shorter week than usual... Literacy and English This week in our shared reading of Holes, Stanley Yelnats has made his escape from Camp Green Lake. He stole the water truck before ironically crashing it into one of the holes he had dug. As he struggled through the desert he ... Continue reading "P5 Weekly Blog"


Here's what P5 have been up to this week... Literacy and English We have continued reading our shared texts Holes, exploring the theme of discrimination within the text. We were told of the life and crimes of Kissin' Kate Barlow, an old western outlaw in the story. After analysing her transformation from well-to-do school teacher ... Continue reading "P5 Weekly Blog"


What a busy week we've had in Primary 5, here's the full run-through... Numeracy and Mathematics This week we have been making connections in our learning between fractions, decimal numbers and percentages. We are now more confident in doing so and were able to apply this learning when faced with a series of multi-step word ... Continue reading "P5 Weekly Blog"


This week we have finished making our guitars in Science. They were reasonably successful and some of them played three different pitches. On Tuesday we went to the book festival at the Rugby Club and learned about how Lari Don found inspiration for her books and stories. We had a visit from the Linlithgow Dyers ... Continue reading "Primary 5 - w/e 14th June 2019"


A few sporting achievements from this week... -Congratulations to two sisters, E and O for their hard work and success in gymnastics! -We are so proud of F in P5 who gained an award from his football club for showcasing positive values! Well done F! Miss Baillie xx


We've had a busy week, with our visitors popping in and out and talking to us about our learning. Some of our highlights this week include: In maths, we have explored area, how to calculate it and created a robot with specific dimensions. In storywriting we planned and wrote an introduction to a story. ... Continue reading "Primary 5 - w/e 17th May 2019"


We ended term 3 today with our Easter Church service at St. Michael's. Thank you so much to all of the children who took part in the service and to Mrs Begarnie for organising it. It was a lovely way to end the term. Pupil achievements for this week: - A in P5 is currently ... Continue reading "End of Term 3 at SPS and Bonnytoun"


Today we held a Wellbeing assembly about 'being responsible'. We talked about the different ways that we take responsibility around school including; looking after our classrooms, corridors and playground and being kind and helpful to younger pupils. We are proud of our pupils and the positive attitudes that they have towards looking after things around ... Continue reading "News from this Week"


This week we have learned lots about mummifying. We wrote instructions about how to mummify a pharaoh and we have mummified apples and tomatoes and are looking forward to seeing what they will look like next week. We have looked at some of the pharaohs from Ancient Egypt and sequenced them using the dates they ... Continue reading "Primary 5 - w/e 29th March 2019"


This week we have begun to look at 2D and 3D shapes in maths. Some of us have explored the properties of triangles while others have discovered which shapes will tile. In Science we have begun to explore how bridges are built. We built our own bridges to see whose could hold the most weight. ... Continue reading "Primary 5 - w/e 22nd March 2019"


Our children continue to make us extremely proud with another week of successful performances. Mrs Gordon was delighted with her group of P4 and P5 girls who took part in the West Lothian Schools Dance Competition and performed brilliantly! Our P6 and P7 children 'blew us away' with their Scottish Opera performance entitled, 1719. All ... Continue reading "A Week of Performances at SPS and Bonnytoun"

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