In Phonics we continued our work on magic e; this week looking at i-e split digraph. We used magnetic boards and read the word before and after adding the magic e.

In Handwriting we are beginning to learn some joins. We are finding this tricky but we love a challenge! We know that we don’t join from a b or from a letter with a tail. If you would like to practise at home, here are some words to to have a go at joining:    bed       beg       big

In Maths we continued with our work on money, this week exploring amounts more than £1. We know that the £ sign goes before the number and that we don’t need a p sign.

Here’s a great money demonstration tool you can use to support your child with counting money:

For our Scottish focus this week we learned about Kirkpatrick MacMillian, the inventor of the bicycle. He was a blacksmith who made a bicycle out of iron. It must have been very heavy! Well done CS who listened carefully to the information and drew an excellent picture of Kirkpatrick and his bicycle.

We invented our own bicycles and labelled the parts, here are some of our creations:

On Thursday we had our Burns Celebration. AL from P4 came to perform ‘The Highland Fling’ and to talk to us about highland dancing, we were very impressed! We listened to the Gruffalo in Scots, ate shortbread and designed our own tartan. Some of us read a Scots poem to the class, well done to LC who won the prize for his poetry reading. The children all looked the part in their tartan, thank you for helping with this

RW has been busy making books to read to the class. She wrote an excellent book about hand washing, well done, RW! This has sparked enthusiasm and many children are now making and writing books during free play.

Next week we will begin learning about the Victorians. If you have any interesting books or artifacts at home that we could look at please send them in.

Have a lovely weekend,

Love P2A and Mrs Bell x




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