In PE this week we have been continuing to develop our skills and techniques in football. We worked on different movement skills and then we went into teams and played some football matches. On Thursday afternoon we went outside with P3B and we played football together.

In Numeracy this week we have been learning to subtract a single digit from a two-digit number and we have been learning to subtract multiples of 10 from two-digit numbers. Some of us have been learning to subtract near multiples of 10 and some of us have been learning to subtract from three-digit numbers. We have been using our subtraction skills to solve different problem solving tasks at the start of each of our numeracy lessons. We are becoming more confident with explaining our strategies used and how we worked out the solutions.

This week we have also continued to look at time. We revised how to read quarter past and quarter to times and then we looked at writing o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past times in different ways. We also compared times and ordered times from earliest to latest. Some of us were learning to calculate time durations using a yearly calendar.

In Literacy this week we were looking at identifying the main features of a text, punctuation and writing a diary entry.

On Monday, we played a game called ‘Princess and the Pea’ on Education City which explored features of a story. Miss Harrison gave us different fairy tales and we have to identify the main characters, the supporting characters, the setting, the problem and the solution.

On Tuesday, we looked at using a variety of punctuation accurately. We rotated round different punctuation activities. We played a punctuation card game, we completed a counter full stop activity where we used counters to put in the missing full stops in different texts, we set up a ‘blether station’ and worked with a partner to create sentences using different punctuation and we used our knowledge of punctuation to correct mistakes on a letter.

On Wednesday afternoon we looked at writing a diary entry. We explored features of diary writing and then we worked in a pair to write a diary entry of a day in the life of Williamina Fleming. We included a date at the top, used time linking words and wrote in the past tense. On Friday some of us shared our diary entries and reports about Williamina Fleming at our Scottish assembly.

In art this week, we decided to create our own nebulas! We looked at the horsehead nebula which was discovered by Williamina Fleming and we also looked at photographs of other nebulas too! We used chalk to create our own space landscapes and then put our own nebulas in the sky. We looked at mixing colours and blending them and we got some great effects!

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P3A and Miss Harrison xxx

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