What an eclectic mix this week has been!

We began with verb tenses on Monday.  After practising together, we worked in groups to sort sentences into past, present and future.  We then discussed the verbs in the sentences and looked at how they changed according to the tense.  After that we worked individually to change present verbs into past and future tense.  We then wrote sentences about what we did yesterday and what we will do tomorrow, using our verbs correctly.

Each year, Springfield School takes part in the Linlithgow Round Table children’s competition.  The topic for this year is ‘On the Savanna.’ P1 to P3 children were asked to create some artwork on this theme.  We painted sunset backgrounds and then drew silhouettes of animals and trees found in the Savanna.  The results are very effective and we hope the judges are impressed too!

In writing this week we wrote ‘explanation’ texts.  We wrote about the features of a woolly mammoth. On Wednesday we carried out research on the physical features of woolly mammoths and made notes.  On Thursday, using our notes, we wrote factual pieces of writing, making sure to include a heading and subheadings.  We also had to write relevant information under each sub-heading, writing in past tense as woolly mammoths are extinct.  To finish it off we drew and labelled a diagram.  The standards were very high and everyone achieved their success criteria.

On Friday we were at a very good assembly led by P4.  It was all about Egyptians, we learned a lot, including some quite disgusting facts!

We hope you have a good weekend.

P3B and Mrs Kennedy


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