We returned to school on Tuesday for our final 10 weeks in P6.

In Numeracy and Maths we focused on our mental maths skills and played our new maths games. These were a mix of adding, subtracting, fractions, word problems, dividing, multiplying and percentages. We also completed the Brilliant Breakfast Mystery Challenge, this involved using percentages, fractions and decimals as well as solving clues.

In literacy we started our new reading books and completed some reading tasks. Next week we will be looking at our new spelling games to enhance our skills.

In Science we started to investigate the human body. We drew around the smallest person in our group and then drew and labelled the body parts we knew.

We completed our termly health and wellbeing questionnaires and we also completed the HMIe questionnaire. These asked for our opinions on a variety of subjects and we enjoyed the fact we got to share our opinions on school.

On Thursday we walked to the new museum for our song rehearsal. This went really well and we even had time to look around the museum.

We have a very busy term ahead, with lots of activities and learning, we are all looking forward to the challenges.

Have a lovely weekend,

P6a and Mrs Newton


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