In Numeracy this week we have been learning to divide by 3. We have been using our multiplication facts for the 3 times-table to help us with our division. Some of us have also been learning to divide by 2, 4, 5 and 10 and some of us have been learning to divide by 6 and 8.

In Mathematics, we have been learning to answer questions to get information from different charts and tables. We were able to collect data using tally marks in a frequency table and then answer questions about the data. We also looked at bar graphs and compared data.

In Literacy we have been revising using paragraphs. We looked at a non-fiction text about frogs and in pairs, highlighted where each new paragraph should be. Afterwards, we worked with a partner to create a poster explaining how and when to use paragraphs. We included information such as using paragraphs to group ideas, to make texts easier to read and organise text. Our paragraph posters will be displayed at our writing area to help people to use paragraphs in their writing.

During writing this week we looked at poetry. We looked at features of acrostic poems and then we came up with lots of words and phrases associated with litter. Afterwards we used these words and phrases to create each line in our acrostic poem ‘Do Not Litter’. On Wednesday we created ‘Presentation Perfect’ final drafts of our poems and illustrated our ideas.

Before the rain came on Wednesday, we went outside to play team games for PE. We were able to follow rules and adopt different roles. On Thursday afternoon, we continued our Fitness sessions. We worked positively with others to use equipment safely and we worked on improving our own levels of fitness.

In Art this week we explored using charcoal to create line, shapes and shading in pictures. We looked at two buildings in our local area, the Burgh Halls and St. Michael’s Church. We discussed the shapes and the lines that we could see in the buildings and then we observed and sketched the buildings using our charcoal. Afterwards we added shading. We were very pleased with our images!

Thank you for reading our blog post,

P3A and Miss Harrison xxx

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