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P1a's weekly news

We have had another very busy week in Primary 1.

In French we revised our numbers to 5, and now count up to 10. We also learnt “Jacques a dit” Simon Says in French. That was a fun game.

We got a surprise today to receive a letter all the way from France. It had “Bonne Annee” “Happy New Year” cards, from our French penpals. They live in Fontenay Le Fleury which is near Paris. They are P2 children who enjoy learning English. Listen to us singing a song to them in French.

In Numeracy this week we started our subtraction journey. We have learnt that there are lots of ways to say subtraction like minus and take away. We know that when we subtract the number gets smaller. Our favourite part was probably when we had to subtract marshmallows from 10…by eating them…we may need some more practise at home !

We also enjoyed playing some subtraction games like subtraction 4 in a row and subtraction smash with the play doh.

We really loved playing this smoothie game which helps us practise our subtraction within 10. When playing this select “subtraction facts for 10”.

We also did a little bit more on time by learning how to tell o’clock times. Mrs Gordon couldn’t believe how quickly we picked this up, we didn’t even get tricked with 6 o’clock. Show us a clock or a watch and see if we can tell you an o’clock time.

In Literacy this week we learnt about digraphs. A digraph is when 2 letters join to make one sound. This week that sound was sh. We learnt about words like ship, shut, mash and fish. We read a story about Sharon the shark and when Mrs Gordon said sh we had to put our fingers to our lips…there were a lot of sh sounds in that story! Our new common words this week are “go” and “we”, look out for them in our reading books.

Happy weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a


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