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P3B Week commencing Monday 20th January

In PE this week we have started to learn some of the skills required to play football.  We have been learning how to pass the ball to each other.  We have also been learning how to dribble the ball around cones and each other.

In Maths we have been continuing to work on developing our subtraction skills by subtracting numbers from 100 using our number facts to 20.  We have also been working on developing our “number talk” skills and using different strategies to work out the correct answers.

This week we also have been looking at Scottish poetry and language.  We looked at the story about the Gruffalo which was written in scots and discussed the meaning of the different words.  We then used this knowledge to help us learn the Scottish poem about the Crocodile which we performed at the Scottish Assembly today in front of the school.

We also took part in the P5 design competition where we had to design a new T-shirt to help raise funds for the Sick Children’s’ Hospital in Edinburgh.

In writing this week we have been looking at different types of book “blurbs” used by authors to help readers decide if they would like to read their books. Using this information we then wrote a new “blurb” for the Scottish story “The Secret of the Kelpie” which we have been studying in class.  In addition to this we also designed a new front cover for the book.

In Health & Wellbeing we finished designing our playground crows based on the story about the “Birds on a Wire”.  Each crow contains an individual message from us about how we should play and behave in the playground.   All our crows are sporting lovely tartan designs waistcoats!

In our Reflective Reading this week we played “Blankety Blank” where we had to find the missing words from the story “The Secret of the Kelpie”.  We found this quite challenging but managed through discussion to find most of the words.  We then further challenged ourselves by making a list of alternative words the author could have used  in the story.

Mr Ritchie and the tiggerrific P3B’s.

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