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P3B Week commencing 3rd February 2020

This week we have been celebrating “Scotland Loves Languages” with our P7 Language Ambassadors who came to teach us a French lesson involving our numbers.  We practiced counting forward and backwards up to thirty and then played a variety of games to improve our counting and pronunciation skills.   We then chose our favourite foreign language words and made flags of the countries the words were from to create a nice display for our classroom.  We chose foreign words from Spain, Scotland, South Africa and Italy.

In writing this week we have been looking at how we could make our imaginative writing more interesting for the reader.  We discussed how we could improve our sentences by up-levelling them using “wow” words to describe the different characters or the scene the story was set in.  We came up with some fantastic adjectives and then used these to up-level different sets of sentences.  We also had to remember to check that we had used the correct punctuation when we wrote the sentences.  After the sentences had been up levelled, we then looked at using different linking words to expand the sentence to make it longer and add more detail about what was happening for the reader.

In Maths this week we have been learning more strategies of how to subtract 9, 19, 29 … from a two-digit number by rounding up to the nearest ten and then adding back on.  We have had to think about the place value of the numbers and also to lay our work out very neatly to show our workings.  With Mrs Doran we have been continuing to work on time and have been using the mini clocks to help us work out and display the correct times to solve our problems.

We have also continued to enjoy the new outdoor play area with Mrs Stapleton especially as more items are being added.  We are all looking forward to playing in the “muddy kitchen” area when it opens next week!

In Reading we have been enjoying our new class novel “Flash the Sheep Dog” by Kathleen Findler,  and learning about the adventures of Tom as he settles into his Aunt Jane and Uncle John’s farm in the Scottish Borders.  Tom went to visit the cattle mart in Peebles with his Uncle so to help us understand the story we have been watching some videos about real life cattle marts in Scotland.  We are all amazed at the speed the auctioneer speaks when he is selling the livestock – you have to listen very carefully and not raise your hand in case the auctioneer thinks you have placed a bid. Tom is finding life in the Scottish Borders very different from the one he had in London with his mother.

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