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Primary 5/6 week ending 7th February

Our confidence and understanding of decimals is growing each day! This week we have focussed on using our mental arithmetic strategies to add and subtract decimals with one decimal place. We have answered questions, created questions for each other and played loop card games to help consolidate our understanding.

When we were doing our written mental maths we were able to make connections with fractions and decimals on a number line.

In maths, we  played Connect 4 with angels. We were able to estimate within 10 degrees of acute, obtuse, straight line and reflex andgles.

This term, as part of our Number Talks, we are focussing on a different strategy each week. This week we looked at making ten within a calculation.

In our Literacy lessons this week we explored note taking and how we can gather information in different ways and from different sources. In pairs, we researched the Battle of the Stirling Bridge in preparation for writing a Newspaper article about the battle next week.

Battle of Stirling Bridge

In grammar we have been looking at connectives and we are going to try to incorporate them into our writing

This week we celebrated ‘Scotland Loves Languages’ by playing lots of games to help with our French.  Our language ambassadors helped teach games to primary 4. In the playground we played ” Quelle heure est-il Monsieur Loup?” Monsieur Loup ate a lot of children !

The P5’s in our class did a great job helping the upper school with the show on Wednesday. We used their art skills to help us make props. They even got a sneaky peek of some of the dancing and singing!

Well done to those in Primary 5 that braved the weather conditions and walked to the Leisure Centre for their swimming trial.

Great engineering skills were developed making  spaghetti bridges. One group’s bridge managed to hold 2.8kg. They originally estimated that it would hold 250g. There was a lot of team work and cooperation need for this activity. And it was fun!


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