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Vikings are still present in P4B

We have had the usual busy time in P4B over the past 2 weeks with a nice little break in between. We are now busy preparing for our assembly which is a week today. We are looking forward to showing you what we have been learning. We have been finding out about Viking longships and also longhouses. We have designed our own longships and they are fantastic. Instructions have been written explaining what we needed and then step by step how we did it. We also did a comprehension exercise on longships. This week we learnt how to take notes from a video clip on longhouses. We all paid attention and listened very well. Next week we will be designing our own longhouses, so if you have any shoe boxes or that sort of shape box they will be gratefully received. We enjoyed creating Wanted posters for a naughty Viking. Some great portraits as well.
In Maths we have started learning about what change to give from £1, £2 and £5 and what coins and notes we would need for our change.
P.E has involved learning skills for playing volley ball which will continue for the next few weeks and next week we start on a block on hockey as well. At NYCOS we have been walking the beat and clapping the rhythm and are getting very good at it. We played a game with the rhythm cards and then a rhythm game. In the rhythm game we were split into 4 groups and a 4 beat rhythm was clapped and we had to work out how many people were needed to show the rhythm in rhythm people.
Have a lovely weekend everyone, albeit wet I think.
Love from P4B and Mrs.Burton

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