We have had a busy last week of term in P3A!

In Numeracy and Maths this week we have been learning about pattern in shape. We looked at completing shape patterns by putting in missing parts into the sequence. We also learned how to use 2D shapes such as squares, rectangles and triangles to create tiling patterns. We used a ruler to draw the sides of our 2D shapes and worked really hard with copying and continuing different tiling patterns.

In Literacy this week we have been revising our common words. Since it was the last week of term, Miss Harrison let us pick our favourite active spelling tasks and we completed these activities using our common words. In reading, we have been looking at answering different questions about texts. We read a story called ‘The Mischievous Elf’ and we discussed some of the things that our cheeky elves have been doing at home. We used information from the text to answer true or false questions, explored the meaning of ‘mischievous’ and listed other words with a similar meaning and used descriptions from the text to draw a picture of Ernie the elf. This week we have also been continuing to practise joining our handwriting.

In Art and Design this week, we made Christmas cards. We used different coloured paper strips to make Christmas trees. We had to make sure that we used longer strips for the base of our trees and shorter strips for the top of our trees. We also looked at overlapping our strips and positioning them at different angles. Then we used our glitter glue to add a pot and a star on our trees. Finally we wrote our own personal messages inside.

On Wednesday afternoon we had our Christmas party where we played games and had a disco in the hall or went to the cinema room and watched ‘Arthur Christmas’. Here we are just before the party. We look very grown up and smart!

This week we have been developing an awareness of the ways in which Christmas is celebrated in different countries and we have been comparing this to our own lives. Miss Harrison showed us a presentation about Christmas around the World and then we went into groups and picked our own country to research. We used the internet to find facts about how Christmas is celebrated and then we used PowerPoint to record our information. On Friday we presented our PowerPoints to the rest of the class.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that everyone has a lovely and very Merry Christmas and we hope that everyone has a happy New Year.

P3A and Miss Harrison xxx

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