This week in class we decided to change the classroom around. We felt that a different seating arrangement would help us work more effectively.

In Maths we worked on multiplication and division word problems. This challenged our learning, which is a good thing, as it helps with our growth mindset, and we extended this using the Chilli Challenge. Next week we will work on fractions and their use in a real life context.

In Science we started working on board games to share with our P2 Pals. This will take us a couple of weeks to do, we hope to finish them next week and play these when we have our next P2 Pal session.

We had a taster session of Boot Camp, it was very, very hard work. However we all really liked it. In PE we did the BEEP test, we are going to work on our stamina over the next few weeks to see if we can improve our overall score.

In Literacy we wrote imaginative stories, continued with our reading and did a comprehension exercise on Robinson Crusoe.

In Art we used 1 pencil to create lines, shades and tones when drawing winter trees. We discovered that we had to hold the pencil at different angles to create different tones, lines and shades.

We discussed our new topic- The Industrial Revolution, talked about homework and the extended research task we will be doing. We also all set our own targets in literacy and numeracy, we will be reviewing these over the course of the term.

We start our music project, with the Linlithgow Museum, next week and we are also taking part in the Scottish Opera workshops in March with P7 (we will start learning the songs next week).

Finally we had a review of our Scottish Parliament work from last term in preparation for our visit next Monday.

It’s going to be a very busy term in P6, however we are all up for the challenge.

Have a great weekend,

P6A and Mrs Newton

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