In Numeracy this week, we have been learning to subtract a teen number from a two-digit number, with bridging. When solving 72 – 14, we have been learning to subtract 10 and then subtract 4. Some of us have been learning to use a written method to subtract two-digit numbers, with exchange and some of us have been learning to subtract two-digit numbers from three-digit numbers.

This week we have been continuing to learn about money. We were learning to make different money amounts up to £5 using coins up to £1. Some of us were also learning to give change from £1 and £2. We played different money games on the laptops to revise our learning.

As part of our school’s Health and Wellbeing Relationships trail, this week we learned about growing up. We discussed things that we could do as a baby, things we can do now and things that we would like to do when we are teenagers and adults! We looked at life cycles, growth and change.

In French, we have been learning words for classroom objects. We listened to a song called ‘Dans ma salle de classe’, learned key vocabulary and then worked in pairs to draw and label items in a pencil case. This week we have also been helping Miss Harrison with her Spanish homework and we learned how to say ‘My name is’ in Spanish.

In Literacy, we learned how to write an information leaflet. Our infant area is changing to a ‘Great Outdoors’ theme and Miss Baillie asked us to watch the story, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. After we watched and sequenced the main parts of the story, we created a story map using all of the settings in the text. Then we wrote step by step instructions on how to find the bear. We used descriptive language from the story and bossy verbs in our instructions. We look forward to seeing our work on Miss Baillie’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ display.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P3A and Miss Harrison xxx

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