On Monday we started to look at area and perimeter, it was a little confusing, however we are going to be working on these next week and we know we will understand it better as we learn more.

We continued to learn about maps and we added a key to these. Next week we will be looking at scale and proportion within maps before we create one for our buddy’s the week after next.

On Tuesday we had our last Tiny and Tall session, we really enjoyed these sessions and are looking forward to meeting our buddy’s again.

On Wednesday we worked on algebra in Maths, this was quite interesting and we are looking forward to doing more when we get back from camp.

We had a triathlon taster session, this was good fun, although we were all tired at the end.

We started to look at what sustainabilty and sustainable developments are and how we could incorporate these into new homes. Then we presented our Cala Homes V Towns People presentations. Cala homes won, however we then wrote letters to the planning department (Mrs Newton) to say that the homes should only be built if a variety of sustainable materials were used. We gave a number of examples and reasons as to why these would be suitable. Thank you to Mr Fyfe for helping us with this.

Camp next week, and Lendrick Muir for those not coming with us. Here’s hoping the weather will be good (but this is Scotland   )

Have a lovely weekend,

P6a and Mrs Newton

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