This week we have been learning to divide by 4 and 5. We have played lots of division games to improve our recall of our division facts and we have learned how to solve missing number sums such as ? ÷ 5 = 6. Some of us have been learning to divide with remainders. We have been using concrete materials to help us with our dividing. We have also been linking our multiplication and division facts and revising dividing whole numbers by 2-10.

In Mathematics, we learned to use Venn diagrams. We played an exciting game called ‘The Great Escape’ on Education City and then we sorted numbers into the correct parts on the Venn diagram. We then created our own Venn diagrams using a list of numbers.

This week we have turned into amazing authors! Over the next few weeks, we are going to be learning to write an imaginative story. On Tuesday we started to look at writing a story beginning.  We looked at interesting story openers and then we looked at different techniques that writers can use to begin a story such as a character description, setting description, dialogue, question or statement. Afterwards we created our own interesting first sentences and made notes on our characters and setting. On Wednesday we used our notes to write the beginning of our own imaginative stories.

In Literacy this week we also learned how to use a thesaurus. We watched a cartoon about using a thesaurus and then we learned how to use a thesaurus to find words correctly. Afterwards we played a synonyms board game, sorted cards into groups with similar meanings, used an online thesaurus to find interesting words and used a thesaurus to find four synonyms for different words. When writing our own stories, we were able to use a thesaurus to vary our use of vocabulary.

In French, we revised days of the week. We listened to a song about days of the week in French, watched an episode on High Five French and then we looked for the words for days of the week in French on a word search. We have asked Miss Harrison if we can learn words and phrases for animals so this will be our next French lesson!

As part of our Local Area study, we learned to use symbols on maps. We looked at a map of Legoland and discussed how we could use the map to find out information and looked at the different symbols. Afterwards we explored how to use a key and symbols on a map. Then we worked in groups to create a key and then used our symbols to annotate a map of our school.

Thank you for reading our blog post. We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P3A and Miss Harrison xxx

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