We began the week as researchers as part of our focus on Famous Scots. We used the netbooks to find out about the life of Eric Liddell – the famous Scottish runner who won a gold medal at the 1924 Olympics, even though it wasn’t the race he had trained for. We took notes and then wrote up a fact file. Found out lots of facts.

Then we looked how our legs and arms move when we run and used strips of paper to make running models. Lots of fun and amusement but some great  results.

In Phonics we learnt about the power of the magic ‘e’ and by sprinkling a little bit of magic a word can change, for example ‘car’ becomes ‘care’.  Get your child to give you some examples. The other group in the class did the sounds ‘igh’ and ‘y’.

We have been working with money this week and can recognise the coins up to £1 and what coins to use for different amounts, although some of us need to remember that we don’t get 4p’s and 6p’s!!

We visited the new library for the first time this week and can choose a new book on a Wednesday, so need to return our books on a Wednesday.

So joined up writing has begun in P2B and we made a very good first effort joining our e’s to other letters like d and g.

E.B celebrated his success with the class by bringing  in his football trophy to show them. A.O and A.D also celebrated their success on the Hall of Fame.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and looking forward to our Our Burns celebrations on Thursday afternoon. If anyone has skills they can share with us, in Highland dancing, Burns poetry or Scottish songs, we’d love to hear from you.

Love from P2B and Mrs.Burton


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