Another busy week in P1.

In literacy our new digraph was “ch” Mrs Gordon was really impressed with how well we could switch between “sh” and “ch” and tell which was needed where. We had great fun singing “Chop, Chop, choppity chop” whilst we peeled and chopped vegetables and made vegetable soup. We all loved chopping…we also loved eating our soup the next day! Mrs Gordon had to scrape the pan as everyone wanted seconds…It was lovely to have warm soup on such a chilly day. Have a look at us making and eating the soup.

In numeracy we continued our subtraction journey. We really enjoyed jumping along a number line that we made in the corridor to show how to take away. We also continued with our money topic and enjoyed playing coin bingo and guess the coin. Make sure to have a look at some coins at home and see if you can tell your parents what they are.

We had a Scots focus this week and learnt all about our famous Scot “James Watt”. We learnt how he invented an improved steam engine and developed the term “horsepower”. We could not believe that his engine was as strong as 26,000 horses! What a lot of horses. We also made our own shape steam engines using 3D shapes, what fun!

Have a look at our confident individuals below. They presented a short summary about James Watt and our shape steam engines.

Happy weekend from all of P1.

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