During reading on a Monday, while each group is getting their new book, the others have reading tasks to work on.  This week we looked at identifying the main features of a story – the main characters, supporting characters, setting/s, the problem in the story and how the problem was resolved.  The children worked in their reading groups, deciding together which book to use for the task.  The groups worked well  and there was lots of good discussion as they studied the stories closely.

On Tuesday we looked again at punctuation – our learning outcome is to use capital letters,  full stops, question marks and exclamation marks correctly every time we write. The tricky part is transferring our learning into all of our writing and not just the lessons when we are specifically looking at punctuation.  The activities were good fun and hopefully memorable enough for us to remember correct punctuation, the first time, every time we write.  A brought in the balloons from his birthday party last weekend, we had great fun trying to make as many words as possible with the letters.  We wrote a long list of words and this was a very popular activity – thank you!

In numeracy we have been trying some problem solving at the beginning of each lesson – applying the skills we have been learning.  This week we had to use our mental subtraction knowledge to think of as many ways to make a different number each day.  We will continue with various problem solving activities to encourage the application of our learning to help us to deepen our understanding.

We finished our mini topic on Williamina Fleming this week.  We did some space chalk drawings.  It was good to work with chalk and we created some very good effects when we gently rubbed the colours together.

We also wrote diary entries of a day in the life of Williamina.  We made the date 1888 and described what Williamina’s day might have been like the day she discovered the Horsehead nebula.  We thought about what life might have been like in 1888, food, transport, etc and how Williamina might have felt on that day.  We worked with a partner and typed our diary entries onto word.  Our checklist helped us to remember to write the date, write in first person and to describe the day in the correct order.  Everyone produced a very good diary entry and our word processing skills are getting quite good too.

On Thursdays I have been taking the children outside for PE.  Last week we were very fortunate to have Mr Fyfe with us, who is an experienced football coach and referee.   He took us for some drills and refereed a game at the end.  I learned a lot too and I will be able to add the drills into my lessons.

On Friday, N, S and C presented at our ‘Famous Scots’ assembly.  N read his detailed Williamina Fleming report and S and C read the very good diary entry they wrote together.  Great work boys and well done for being so confident today too.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy your haggis

P3B and Mrs Kennedy

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