We have been very busy working on subtraction in P1a. We really enjoyed using our number tiles to make a number line in the corridor and get our friends to jump out number sentences. We also had to do a subtraction colouring Elmer where each number had a colour, we had to work out that 10-2=8 and then that 8 was black. You can see some more of our fun activities below such as ask a partner subtraction questions and farm animal subtraction.

In literacy we learnt 2 new digraphs this week, th and wh. We have found it pretty tricky to say f and th differently so have been practising making sure our tongue sticks out when we do th….Our new tricky words were ‘be’ and ‘she’.

In French we learnt more about “la famille” using our friend Camembear. We learnt ma mère, mon père, ma sœur et mon frère.  We love learning French and Mrs Gordon hopes lots of us can come along to the family fun language event on Thursday 21st February in Linlithgow Primary School.

In ICT this week we worked with our P3 friends to log on to the netbooks and into our own Education City accounts. This allowed us to play numeracy and phonics games. We had great fun!

Happy weekend Mrs Gordon and P1a

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