Our new digraphs this week were ‘ai’ and ‘ay’. We learnt that shy ‘i’ likes to go in the middle around his friends whilst toughy ‘y’ likes to be at the end of words. We really liked to do the actions for these.

We all loved our house treat trip to the park on Wednesday. As you can see from the photos we really enjoyed our exciting trip when we got to play with our friends.

In numeracy this week we continued our subtraction journey. We really enjoyed the skittles, subtraction bus stop game and subtraction smash with the play dough. We are all starting to remember our subtraction facts from 10. We also had fun with money. This week we used different coins to make different amounts. We also read the great pet sale, next week we are going to have our own pet sale and pretend to sell some of our class and own soft toys.

In IDL we launched our new topic for this term. It is a history topic where we will be looking at transport, our first port of call is trains. We went on a magic train journey with our magic tickets and had to draw a picture of what we could see from our train window. This was the planning for our writing which we will do on Monday when we will get back on the magic train. Mrs Gordon can’t wait to read what we saw from the window…

Happy weekend from Mrs Gordon and P1a.


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