This week we have been looking at the differences between school life in Victorian Times compared to nowadays. I think the children have a good understanding of what it was like and that they would prefer to be at school now rather than then. They were particularly fascinated with the Dunce’s hat and children getting the cane and the slipper! We even tried to fit 5 children onto 2 chairs, which they did in Victorian times. It was a bit of a squash! On Wednesday our classroom was set up like a Victorian one and we were in lines, all facing the front. Think we quite liked it and thought it was even funnier when Mrs.Burton called out the register just using our surnames!

We wrote a diary entry, pretending we were a Victorian child at school. We did the planning first then wrote the diary entry on what was meant to be tea stained paper! Some great results. Well done P2B.

We have continued with our magic “e” words and this week looked at the diagraph “e-e”. Another group were learning “oi” and “oy”.

In Maths we have continued with multiplication and I think everyone knows their 2 times table now. Next week we will move onto division.

We had a taster session of Spanish with Mrs.Gordon and the Language Ambassadors this week. We played games and listened to “The Gruffalo” in Spanish. We really enjoyed it. Mrs.Campbell continues to come in weekly to do French with the class and this week we were learning the French words for items in the classroom. So we’re becoming very good at languages.


Have a lovely long weekend everyone and will see you on Wednesday.

Love from

P2B and Mrs.Burton

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