We learnt 2 new digraphs this week “ee” and “ea”. It is quite hard to tell which one to use so we are trying to practice this as much as possible. We are pointing to our ears for the ea and our eyes for the ee (like see). We also worked with partners to find ee words in a story.


In subtraction this week we tackled the tricky topic of missing number sums. P1a worked so hard and shared their strategies with the class. Some people used fingers, some used blocks, some number lines and some just did it in their heads…It was especially hard when the first number was missing eg ? – 2 = 8.

We also had to use different strategies with money this week. We had a jar of coins and had to add them up. Then we had to fill a jar with the coins to make an amount eg 12p. Some of us had to work out that to make 86p we should first start with a 50p. Mrs Gordon couldn’t believe how well we did!


This week we have been designing and describing trains.


We had a visit from 2 ladies from the Linlithgow Fair Trade group. We learnt all about farmer’s getting a fair price for their products and played some games. We then got to taste some yummy Fair trade chocolate!

Happy weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a.

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