Today we held our next ‘Wellbeing Indicator’ assembly focused on ‘we are achieving.’   As you all know, we track each pupil’s health and wellbeing on a daily and termly basis at Springfield and Bonnytoun. We have noticed from the data that we gather, that some children  have the false perception that they are not achieving in school or are worried about how well they are doing. This is something that we are seeking to rectify by the messages that we give our learners and we’d ask for your support with this at home. Everyone is doing well and all children in school and nursery are making progress.

 We talked today in assembly about ‘achievement’ being about progress. We also learned that achievement can be realised when you believe in yourself, practise a skill until it is mastered and never give up! It was also explained to children that we need to be comfortable with our own strengths and weeknesses and see the beauty in our uniqueness.

We also had a ‘sneaky peek’ at the Glee performance which some of our P6 and P7 pupils will showcase at Howden Park Centre in the next few weeks. The children look and sound amazing and we can’t wait to see them perform on the night. Thank you to Mrs Bell for her support with this.

Pupil achievements for this week:

– Well done to A and K in P1 for their achievements in gymnastics and Enjoy-a-ball.

-A brilliant effort from L in P3 for making progress in swimming.

-Well done to S and O in P4 for gymnastics success.

-Finally to A in P3 and R in P4 also for making progress in swimming.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Baillie xx




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