Another busy, fun filled week of learning.

Literacy: We have come to the end of our class novel, The boy in the striped pyjamas. Although a sad ending, we have had a lot of meaningful discussions around the different themes of the book, in particular the theme of friendship.  Developing our reading and comprehension skills further we answered  the last few questions based on the novel. We reviewed the features of a book review and the use of persuasive writing to write a book review on the Boy in the striped pyjamas. This gave us the opportunity to reflect on what we have read, and to share our thoughts and opinions.

Numeracy and Maths: A fun week, where we all felt very confident about what we were learning. We focused on the use of mathematical language and learnt words such as, axis, plotting, coordinates, cartesian and  quadrants – ask us to explain these terms to you. We learnt how to read and write coordinates, and we practiced plotting coordinates on a grid.

IDL:  Continuing with food rationing this week, we created a 7 day food menu for our family, using the food pyramid to help us to create a balanced and healthy menu, using the food that we would have had during WWII. We found this really tricky, and while researching we discovered some interesting recipes which we weren’t too sure if they would be to our liking, what we do know is that we are very pleased food is not still being rationed today.

PE: This was the last week of our 8 sessions of Futsal, we have had a lot of fun during these sessions and have learnt a lot of new skills. Extreme dodgeball was a ‘hit’ this week, we played a few games where the winner stays on the court.

Expressive Arts: We are developing our sketching skills, linking our art to our class novel and the theme of friendship, we have started to think and talk about what we can sketch that will symbolize the friendship between Bruno and Schmuel. We are focusing on correct proportions and shading.

Next week Wednesday, 13th March we will be showing off all our handwork and showing our Scottish Opera talent.

P7B and Mrs. Matos

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