On Tuesday we had our seventh NYCOS lesson. We were learning a new song called “Mrs White had a fright in the middle of the night”.  We learned it by playing a game that involved counting the rhythm and hiding an object.

We continued with our Egyptian topic by learning how to read and write using Egyptian Hieroglyphs.  We also learned about the very famous and important Rosetta stone which proves the key to reading the hieroglyphs.  We wrote down our names inside a “cartouche” and also wrote coded letters to our friends in the class.  We all had fun decoding the messages and reading the hieroglyphs.

In Science we made model “shadufs” out of wood, stone, string and playdough. We had to make sure that they could move up and down and rotate so they could pick up the water from the river Nile.  Next week we are going to test them out in the water to see if they work.

In Maths we revised what we had been learning to help us with our SNSA tests.  We also took part in the BIG Maths challenge to improve our multiplication skills.

We also learned how to play one of our new literacy games called “Boggle”.  We managed to make over thirty-one words from the letters provided.  Next week we are going to learn how to play the maths version called “Noggle”!

In reading we continued to work hard carrying out our Literacy Circle roles and working on the different stories within the Literacy Box.

In writing this week we pretended we were the Manager of Thomas Cook Travel Agents and had to write a reply to a letter of complaint received from a customer who was not happy about the cancellation of their holiday to Egypt.

We also submitted our entries for the Fair Trade competition.  We had to draw Fair Trade Superheroes.  We also enjoyed all the lovely baking at the Fair Trade bake sale.  The cakes were yummy!

Last week we presented a card and gift to Miss Fiddes.  We hope she is working hard back at University.  We are all missing her.

By Mr Ritchie and all the “Tiggerrific” P4/5s.

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