In Phonics this week some of us have been revising our common words and some of us having been learning the sounds ‘aw’ and ‘au’. We have then done an assessment, which will be used to decide on our next progression of learning. Well done everyone.

We have been learning how to recognise sentences that are questions and that we use the question mark at the end of the sentence, so don’t need a full stop. First time Mrs.Burton has said we don’t need a full stop at the end of a sentence! We have also learnt which words are usually used at the beginning of a question sentence.

In Maths we have been learning about number families. For example 6×3, 3×6, 18÷6, 18÷3. Some of us found it a little tricky but with practise we got there. Our next challenge is Fractions- both of shapes and numbers. Halves and quarters initially.

We have looked at pictures and information on New Lanark in preparation for our trip next week and have made up some questions to ask. Some great questions which we have really thought about.

Today as it was World Book Day, we have done some activities related to this and also watched a” Puffin Live” programme where various authors talked and then there was a drawing activity with Chris Riddell, an author, where the children drew their own” Banda Bear’s” – a character in some of his stories. Some brilliant results P2B.

We did Cosmic Yoga this week and did a

dragon related exercise programme. We have also been looking at designing our own dragons as we are going to enter the National Gallery’s Art Competition. The theme being dragons. So will continue with that next week.


For next week:

New Lanark Trip next Tuesday 12/03/19

Please can your child bring a packed lunch and waterproof jacket as weather forecast not so good.

Wednesday 13/03/19

P.E with Mrs.Reid will be outside so suitable clothing and again waterproof jacket.

Thank you. Have a lovely weekend everybody.

Love from P2B and Mrs.Burton


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