The weather cleared on Monday afternoon and we managed to do our Rugby session outside. It was fun.

On Tuesday Roger, from Scottish Opera, came into school for a rehearsal of all the songs. He said we were absolute stars!

Wednesday we wrote our autobiographies and then assessed these to make sure we had met all of our targets.

Thursday was our Fairtrade Bake Sale- a HUGE thank you to Mrs Stapleton for helping set up the stall, sell the goods and clean up afterwards. Thank you to everyone who sent in cakes, they were all yummy! We are not sure how much we have raised as we sold the remaining items today. We will update you with an amount next week.

In Science we planned our candle holders, we will be making these next week. In Maths we have continued to work on problem solving, word problems and multi-digit additions.

On Wedensday afternoon we shared our learning about Robert Owen with P2a. We look forward to hearing how their visit to New Lanark went next week.

Later that day we watched the Glee group rehearse- they are stars and we are sure they will win when they perform on Thursday.

Next Wednesday is our opera performance. We all need indoor pe kit with us for this. Our performance is at 2:15 and details of this were sent out by Mr Logan last week.

Have a lovely weekend, please remember outdoor PE kit on Monday for Rugby.

P6a and Mrs Newton

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