Our new sounds this week were ‘igh’ and ‘y’ which both make the I sound. We learnt that igh is a trigraph and talked about tri meaning 3. We remembered the rule that most times ‘igh’ goes in the middle of words and y at the end. We need lots of practice though as it is very tricky…. Our new common words were “come” and “said”, most of us already knew these from our reading books.

On World Book Day we read with some of the P3’s. Some of us read to the P3’s and some P3’s read to us. You can see some of our siblings reading together which was lovely! D was so tired that his story made him fall asleep in our reading corner…


Our subtraction journey continued with a dip into the links between addition and subtraction to make “fact families”. This is a very tricky concept that we will revisit regularly. An example with 2,8 and 10 is 2+8=10, 8+2=10, 10-2=8, 10-8=2.

Happy weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a

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