Phew, what a busy week!  A big shout out to P3B as they have worked incredibly hard, producing some excellent work and having a lot of fun along the way.

At the beginning of the week we were product designers, we had to name and design the wrapper for a new Fairtrade chocolate bar – what would make people buy our bar rather than the many others on the shelf?  The children really rose to the challenge and I was so impressed with every design.  Each one was eye catching and fitted the design brief really well.  They are now proudly displayed on our classroom wall.

On Wednesday we created a character profile for Elsie from our book The Ice Monster.  We used describing words to write about Elsie’s appearance and personality and we used our knowledge of the story to write about Elsie’s life so far.  Again, we worked incredibly hard, taking time to choose the best words to describe Elsie.  Our sentences were well written, we are getting so good at remembering capital letters for proper nouns The sketches of Elsie were also very detailed and some even labelled their pictures to describe her appearance further.

It was World Book Day on Thursday and we watched the premiere of a new show on the Puffin Virtually Live website: You can search for the link if you’d like to find out more.  We particularly enjoyed watching the interview with Humza Arshad and drew along with former Waterstones Children’s Laureate, Chris Riddell.  It was tricky drawing along with an illustrator but we all gave it a go.  We were very complimentary to each other.

After the video we could choose what other World Book Day activities we would like to do; design a bookmark, do a World Book day word search, create a new front cover for your favourite book, write and illustrate your own book or sketch a woolly mammoth in the style of Tony Ross, the illustrator of The Ice Monster.  Everyone was very busy, some of us chose to work together to write books and some worked in small groups following the step by step instructions to draw woolly mammoths.

On Thursday afternoon we enjoyed a paired reading session with P1.  We read and encouraged P1 children to read too, we were very helpful with techniques to help if someone is stuck on a word.  It was a lovely quiet session and all children were completely engaged in reading, it was lovely to see and hear.

We have also been busy in maths. All of us are now subtracting bridging the tens number. We have begun by subtracting a single digit from a 2 digit at the moment, e. g. 65 – 8, this will increase confidence before we move onto larger numbers. We also used our subtraction skills to work out change from 50p. If anyone has coins out at the weekend maybe they could practise this.

We also had PE with Mrs Reid and Mrs Kennedy, with Mrs Kennedy we have begun a block of tennis lessons.

Have a good weekend everyone, let’s hope the rain stops for a bit.

P3B and Mrs Kennedy


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