During our 8th NYCOS session we learned a new song called, ‘Someone Sitting on a High High Hill’. We really enjoyed it!

In our writing this week we focussed on being presentation perfect. This helped us improve our writing by making sure our spelling was correct, that we had remembered punctuation and our writing was structured well. We enjoyed up levelling our sentences.

As part of our Ancient Egypt topic we discovered facts about pyramids, tombs and the Valley of the Kings. We learned why they stopped building pyramids and started using tombs for their Pharaoh’s. In addition to that we learned that Christians destroyed and carved over Egyptian artefacts.

This week in Science, we finished our shaduf’s and began to test them to see if they could turn, pick up water and then pour the water into a bucket.

During our P.E. lesson we performed a small show for one another to demonstrate the balances that we have been learning in gymnastics.

We have had a great week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Primary 4/5

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