In subtraction we continued the links to addition by looking again at doubles. We noticed a pattern that each time the answer increased by 2. We even tried to do doubles up to 10+10=20. Some children noticed a pattern that is 2+2=4, 20+20=40….wow.

In money we had to work out which coins we could need to buy something that cost 6p or 12p etc. The children enjoyed this and would love to practice this at home.


This week we learnt “oa” and “ow”. We saw that oa as in boat and goat mainly is in the middle, and that ow as in sow and row is mainly at the end of words. We also learnt 2 new tricky words one and you.


We read a book called “Oi, get off my train”, it was all about endangered animals trying to get on the train for safety. We then wrote our very first story based on the book. We did a plan first where we drew the beginning, middle and end. We then used the plan to help us write a story with a beginning, middle and end. Mrs Gordon could not believe the quality of our stories!

Health and Wellbeing HWB

This week we were learning about living and growing things. In particular the plan life cycle and the journey from seed to seedling and then plant. We talked about the things a plant needs to survive, light, air, water and soil.

Happy weekend!

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