The children took some photographs during one of our PE lessons this week.  We were practising our hand-eye co-ordination in our tennis block.  Beginning with accurate throwing and catching with a partner, balancing the ball on our rackets, controlling the ball while bouncing it on the racket and then seeing how long rally we could get when hitting the ball against a wall. We also learned how to hold a tennis racket.  It required a lot of concentration and we tried hard.

As we move into Spring we are updating our corridor display.  We always have a section of the wall on the same theme where P1 – P3 show off some of their work.  The whole corridor theme this time is ‘the great outdoors’ and the joint part of the wall is based on the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.  We imagined that the bear’s cave was actually at Beecraigs and we were in charge of writing an information leaflet for visitors, including drawing a map to help them to find it.  The good news is every leaflet gives good instructions and the maps are easy to follow.  Great work!

In other literacy work,  we have been learning about verbs for the past few weeks, learning what a verb is and conjugating verbs, next week we will be learning how to use verbs correctly for past, present and future tense.

We have also been updating our corridor play area.  P3 made some lovely playdough with fresh herbs in it.  It smells lovely and has been well used.  It is very tactile and smells quite calming.

A few pictures from numeracy this week.  We are still working on subtraction of 2-digit numbers as we take small steps each day to work out more difficult sums and try new techniques.  Although we do a lot of written work in our maths jotters we enjoy playing game on the netbooks too. In outer maths we are continuing with money and started to look at pounds this week, introducing pound signs and decimal points.

We enjoyed dressing down and coming to school with crazy hair on Friday.  P5 also did a very good assembly on Comic Relief.

Have a good weekend all.

P3B and Mrs Kennedy



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