This week we have begun to look at 2D and 3D shapes in maths. Some of us have explored the properties of triangles while others have discovered which shapes will tile.

In Science we have begun to explore how bridges are built. We built our own bridges to see whose could hold the most weight. We discovered that the bridges with the taller upright stands could hold more weight.

We have written stories about the African Savanna, which will be entered into the Round Table Marches Competition. -Good luck to us all!!

In HWB we discovered how our bodies change as we grow up.

In music we are learning a song about Egyptians.

We had a treasure hunt in the classroom, where we discovered how the Egyptians mummified the bodies before putting them in the pyramids. We also watched some videos that showed us how the pyramids were built.

Looking forward to another busy week next week.

Kind regards

Primary 5 and Mrs Kerr


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