P6B Rugby, competitions and New Lanark


On Monday we did rugby with the Linlithgow rugby club which was our last trial we enjoyed playing matches and sharks and fishes. In maths we were doing money. In health and well-being we were doing living and growing.

Last week we did the Scottish opera with the other class and the P7 classes. We also dressed up and after lots of practices we did a play. #N1J

Yesterday we went to New Lanark to learn about its history and Robert Owen. We went on the ride and a guided tour – our tour guide was called Alex. We saw the old school and the mills.

On Wednesday we were completing our competitions. One of the competitions was on a story of the African savannah. The other was designing a CD cover.

Today was the due date for our Industrial Revolution projects. We will be presenting them over the next week. Sam has already done his movie.

By ##Sam & Ewan & Gillian JN1#


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