This week in Phonics we have been working in groups – 2 groups have been revising some of their words and 1 group has been working on adding “er” to root words. Next week we will be adding “est” to root words. We have also done some work on Mrs.Burton’s most frequent nag – capital letters and full stops!!

In Numeracy we have learnt about finding halves and quarters of numbers and then continued to use half but in time,  so o’clock and half past the hour. Next week we will be working out time intervals – 1 and 2 hours before and after. The children have been good at telling the time but some struggled with writing the digital time. So more practice needed.

We have listened to “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” and worked on storyboards for it. Some of these have been displayed in the Infant corridor. We have also been finishing our New Lanark sketches and gone over in charcoal as well as our dragon pictures for the competition.


As part of our R.M.E, we have been finding out about the Hindu religion and researched what the Hindu God is called and where Hindus go to worship their God. The children drew some fantastic pictures of both Brahman and Mandir.

In French we’ve had great fun practicing our numbers. Well done everyone.

Have a great weekend – 2 weeks to go until we break up!

Love from P2B and Mrs.Burton

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