The week has flown by here at Springfield and Bonnytoun, culminating today with a superb assembly on Ancient Egypt led by Miss Durano and P4. Thank you so much to Miss Durano and the children for the effort that went into today’s performance.

In other news, we will be taking all children, in their classes, to Dovecot Park for a further visit before Easter, for the next Springs treat. All of our 4 Houses have gained over 1000 points once again! What a great effort from all of our children!

Pupil Achievements from the week:

-L in P6B recently performed on stage with Strictly dancer, Brendan Cole! What an amazing opportunity and achievement L!

– Well done to O in P1 for going on an adventure at St Andrew’s Castle and to M or his Enjoy-a-ball trophy!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Baillie xx


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