On Wednesday we went to Cracking Easter at the Cross House. We took part in eight different activities, each one telling a part of the Easter story. We interacted with other primary sixes from Linlithgow Primary and Lowport.

Mr Wells kindly bought us some spheroe minis and ollies which are amazing little robots you can code to do different things like move, spin and change colour. We have been experimenting with them in class and have found them very fun to use!

In Maths we have been working on money and problem solving.

In literacy we have been working on speech marks and apostrophes.

We have also been adding some finishing touches to our song for the opening of the new Linlithgow Museum. Our song has been recorded and we look forward to performing it next term.

Next Monday we will be doing some junk modelling in class and so we would be grateful if children could bring in some items to use such as cardboard boxes or toilet roll tubes.

We also look forward to sharing our extended research projects – they all look very creative and informative!

In school our children have been earning springs and we will be visiting Dovecot Park next week as a reward.

Next Friday the children will be going to an Easter service. Our class’s reader is Esme.

Written by Rebecca Hammond


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