We have had a busy week yet again.  As the weather has been good we have been outside for 15 minutes most afternoons doing our ‘daily mile’.  As well as getting exercise it definitely helps us to concentrate when we get back into the classroom.

The whole school are learning about internet safety at the moment.  We use resources from the thinkuknow website.  The lessons for P3 are called ‘Jessie and Friends’ there are three cartoons to help us to gain the skills and confidence to respond safely to risks we may encounter online.  The lesson we looked at this week was about sharing photographs.  After watching an animation on sharing photographs digitally, we played a game where one of Jessie’s friends, Tia shared a photo with three friends, but unknown to Tia they all shared the photo with three friends, who in turn shared with yet more people.  The game showed how quickly photographs can be seen by many people and you often do not know who is seeing them.  We also made ‘helping hands.’ We wrote the names of four people in our lives that we can go to if we are worried or unsure about something that we have seen or done online.  Next week we will look at playing games online.  There is a parents section of the website if you would like to know more:


We have also been very busy making a display for the P3B part of the corridor.  Carrying on the ‘great outdoors’ theme we were going to do a woodland scene, however we watched a short clip of ‘Art Ninja’ kids tv show and saw some really cool art in the style of Claude Monet so we completely changed our minds!  We learned about Monet’s ‘impressionist’ style of painting and about his garden in Giverny, France.   As well as admiring his artwork, the pictures of his real garden were amazing.  He really was passionate about the beauty of nature and we were certainly inspired by it too. We worked in teams to make various pieces of art to put together to make a scene similar to his water lily paintings.

In between all of this we have begun to use the written ‘chimney sum’ method of subtraction in numeracy and learned more about how to use adjectives to make our writing more interesting in grammar.  We are continuing with our tennis lessons in PE – hitting the ball over a net this week.  (Putting the net up was Mrs Kennedy’s triumph for the week!)

Have a great weekend, looking forward to seeing you next week at parent’s night.

P3B and Mrs Kennedy

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