We have had a digraph revision week where we went back over all the digraphs we have learnt…we are finding it really tricky when they are all mixed up. Next week we are going to keep revising. One reading group were very confident individuals when they shared their reading book with the class for milk and story time. The children loved having their classmates read to them.

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This week we started to move our focus to numbers to 20 whilst still using addition and subtraction methods to help us. We talked a lot about number before and number after and also number inbetween.  Most of us can say the numbers to 20, but lots of us can’t recognise them or write them yet. We will do lots of practice… twelve is a tricky one with many people writing 21 instead of 12. In money we did an end of topic assessment. Most of us are able to recognise the coins, add them together, work out change and do simple word problems.


This week we learnt about flying. We started learning about the Montgolfier brothers and hot air balloons, we then made our own hot air balloons using bits of material. Then we learnt about airplanes and the history of the first flight by the Wright brothers in 1903. The children really enjoyed learning about these first planes and were fascinated that they had no roofs or passengers…Next week we are going to design a futuristic mode of transport…


In PE we did some basic ball skills and team games with Mrs Gordon. The focus was on following instructions and keeping the ball under control. With Mrs Reid we had another week of gymnastics with the apparatus which we are loving.

We learnt about internet safety this week and talked about what to do if we see something online that worries us. We discussed who our trusted adults were and that we must tell them if anything corries or upsets us.

Happy weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a


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