‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ Benjamin Franklin

Literacy: In Grammar this week we have been learning about Adverbials and Modal verbs. Using our class novel as a focus, we created a possibility line of what could happen next in the novel. We discussed when talking and writing that it is not possible to draw/ use a possibility line to express our thoughts or opinions of possibility, but in writing and speech we can use adverbials and modal verbs to show degrees of possibility.  We continued to read Good Night Mister Tom, we have discussed the different characters and we have summarized what we have read so far. We have been using a range of different reading and comprehension  skills to answer questions based on our class novel.  It is nearing the end of  a very long and busy term and we have noticed that some of our teachers are needing a boost – we have been busy creating a ‘Teacher-Pleaser Machine’, but to make sure that the machine is used correctly, we have used explanation writing features to write a manual for the machine, explaining how the machine operates and its special features that will help Mrs. Matos become the jolliest teacher in the school!

Numeracy: This week we have been consolidating our knowledge about symmetry.  We have used shape to identify single and multiple lines of symmetry. Today we  were challenged to design a kitchen by creating the scaled nets of 3D shapes.  With such a challenging task Mrs. Matos was pleased to see how our school values, such as  inclusion and resilience was being demonstrated.

WWII: This week we have been discussing and finding out more about the persecution of Jews during WWII. We used our note taking skills while we learnt more about the reasons why Hitler had a ‘hatred’ towards Jews and we learnt about the events that lead up to the ‘Final Solution’ – to show our understanding of what we had learnt, we created a storyboard of events.  We were very fortunate this week to have Mrs. Manlove share  family history, of family members that had survived the holocaust – Thank you Mrs. Manlove!

PE:  More dodgeball this week, each week we are developing our skills of throwing  as well the skill of dodging the ball.

1+2: From the money that was raised from our 1+2 Family Fun event held in February, we have been very fortunate to have received some new Spanish games for our classroom. This week our Language Ambassadors explained to the class how the games are played and we had a few goes at trying the new games out. Today we presented our French dialogues to Mrs. Gordan  – Mrs. Gordan was very impressed with the high standard of our French. Thank you Mrs. Gordon.

P7b and Mrs. Matos

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