A variety of learning experiences have been covered in Primary 2B this week. We have been practicing our telling the time skills – working on o’clock and half past the hour then time durations going forward and backwards 1 and 2 hours. We have also begun to work on quarter past and quarter to. Hopefully your children can answer your questions if it’s o’clock or half past and maybe even quarter past and to!

Using our new novel “Fing” by David Walliams, the children wrote “An Alphabet of Stuff” according to Myrtle, the character in the book. They came up with some very funny items and really enjoyed doing it. We have also done a comprehension exercise on a story about a tiger.

We made certain cards this week which hopefully will be remembered on Sunday!!

We continued to find out more about Hinduism – dress, special animals and festivals celebrated.

We had Mrs.Harris in this week who did a taster session in Gymnastics, which we all enjoyed.

Life Cycle of a frog was researched and we have done a display in the Infant corridor which we are rather pleased with.


Well done for your achievement in Judo.

Mrs.Tulloch had us making ramps in Science and we continued this back in our classroom.

Finally how exciting some big pieces of cardboard are! Sorry more photos to follow.

Have a lovely weekend and one week to go. Think we’re all tired and in need of a rest!

Love From P2B and Mrs.Burton


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