When I asked the children today what they would like me to include in our blog this week there was a resounding  cry for coding.  We had a session with Generation Science called ‘Bricks and Blocks’ On Wednesday. We learned about computer programming. We began by discussing robots and how they work, we learned that they are given their instructions by computers.  To help us to understand the importance of instructions a bit more, we instructed a human robot to make a jam sandwich.  If our instructions are not correct, the results can be very wrong!   We then worked in pairs to build Lego robots, learning more about  coding as we worked.   We used instruction blocks to program our robots. Our challenge was to score a goal against our robots which were programmed to be goalkeepers. A big thank you to Generation Science for an excellent session.

We also carried out a science experiment.  We discussed why science experiments are a very important part of our world today, the children mentioned medicine and looking after our planet as two big areas where science can really make a difference,  We were very professional in the way we carried out our water absorption experiment.  Our question was ‘How does the type of paper affect how far water will travel through it?’  We observed and discussed the properties of the three types of paper – kitchen towel, A4 paper and tissue paper, then we each wrote a hypothesis on how far we thought the water might travel up each paper when the end was placed in water for 30 seconds.  We planned the resources we would need made a diagram of how our experiment would look, making sure to note down anything we had to keep the same to make sure it was a fair experiment.  We then we carried out the experiment in groups.  Finally, we measured the distance the water had travelled and used our findings to write up and record the results.  We found that the kitchen towel was most absorbent and the type of material definitely has an impact.

In our writing lesson this week we used the notes we wrote before and during our experiment to write a science report.  They are detailed reports, set out with headings and sub-headings.  We used some good science vocabulary too.  We  all self assessed our writing today.

In numeracy we have begun to increase our knowledge and understanding of multiplication.  We have worked on 2, 5 and 10 times tables this week, and some children worked on 3 and 4 times tables.  We have been quite active whilst saying our tables – getting our brains and bodies working at the same time and have also played lots of games to help us to recall our tables facts.

Some children have been practising their tables in Play Based Learning time.  Excellent work girls!

We begun to look at fitness in PE.  We had one fitness session outside and one inside this week.  We did circuit training, working really hard at each station to increase our heart rate.  Each station also worked on a different skill and a different part of our body.

Have a lovely long weekend everyone, see you on Wednesday.

P3B and Mrs Kennedy



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