Another fun packed week in P1. This week we were very fortunate to take part in a Generation Science workshop where we made our own lego goalkeepers and then did some computer programming to make the goalie move! Mrs Gordon was so impressed with how well the children managed this. It was packed with lots of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) experiences. Have a look at the photos and video below, there is also an article in this week’s gazette about this whole school project. Thanks to Mrs Tulloch for organising!

In numeracy we have been talking and learning about the language of subtraction, we discussed word problems like “take 3 from 10”, less than, difference between and “There are 5 bananas and 4 apples, how many more bananas are there?”. These are all tricky concepts but Mrs Gordon was very pleased with how well we are understanding the mathematical language.

We also did some work on volume and capacity talking about why we wouldn’t use a spoon to fill a swimming pool etc. We had fun estimating and learnt that estimate means to guess… Look at us estimating how many spoons of sand and how many cubes it will take to fill containers. We learnt that this is quite a difficult skill…

In literacy we learnt the new digraphs oi and oy and tricky words there and were. Some reading groups learnt about a blurb on a book and why it can help us to choose a book in the library.

We started our local community topic by discussing a little bit about what a community is. As part of this topic we have 4 classroom pets/toys that are going to be going home with the children each weekend. We are hoping that they toys will get to visit parts of Linlithgow with the children and maybe go along to any clubs etc they go to.

Happy long weekend, Mrs Gordon and P1a


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