Sorry for the absence of a blog last week due to me being off. So this week we began with some preparation for our assembly, which now has been postponed until 14/06/19. We will continue with the same theme and the children will be given their words in due course. They know what we’re doing and we will start practising soon.

Our spellings this week have been adding the plural “es” to words and some of the children have been working on “ng” and “nk”. This term we will be working towards writing stories, so in preparation for this we have been working on writing a description of a setting. We used pictures as a stimulus and had a word bank to help us. Some very imaginative descriptions were produced. Capital letters for names and for “I” have also been worked on.

In Numeracy we have been doing some revision on sequencing numbers to 100.  This week has been our STEM week and on Thursday we had a visit from Generation Science. They gave us a very inspiring presentation where one of them was a robot. It gave the children a clear understanding of how precise we need to be with our instructions. Then the children made a model of a footballer out of Lego and it was wired up and they gave instructions using symbols to make it move. They had a fantastic time and got really excited.

Hope that you’re all having a lovely long weekend. See you on Wednesday. Photos to follow.

Love from P2B and Mrs.Burton


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