We’ve had a busy week, with our visitors popping in and out and talking to us about our learning.

Some of our highlights this week include:

In maths, we have explored area, how to calculate it and created a robot with specific dimensions.

In storywriting we planned and wrote an introduction to a story. We included lots of description and were trying really hard to include connectives too.

In Science we explored buoyancy, creating our own boats from tinfoil and seeing how much cargo (marbles!!) they could carry. Ava and Aleisha’s boat carried 154marbles before it sank.

Our topic focus this week has been mapping and we created our own maps of the school and its grounds.

We explored kosher and non-kosher foods in RME, looking at how Jewish people separate these foods.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 5 and Mrs Kerr

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