On Thursday we were very excited because our first butterfly hatched from it’s cocoon. Have a look at the photos of us today when Mrs Reid helped us to release 2 of the butterflies into the school garden. Very special moments….

This week we learnt our last 2 digraphs aw and au like saw and launch, and the common words do and as. We will now spend the rest of term revising these and consolidating our learning.

In numeracy we focused on ordering and sequencing whilst using the language more and less, smallest to largest etc. We also did some more data handling where we had to sort items and make a pictogram.

In PE we had Paul Pizza deliver an Enjoy a Ball session and Mrs Harris continue our gymnastics journey. We were learning about rolling using our different shapes. We have also been learning how to play rounders which is a lot of fun.

Happy weekend from Mrs Gordon and P1a

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