We had fun on Monday when we went for a walk in Springfield, looking at the different types of houses. We identified that there were more semi detached houses than other types and how town houses are different to flats. Our class bar chart also showed that more of us live in semi detached houses than any other.

Still using bar charts we decided what information we wanted to find out about and then created a tally chart and went around asking the class for their choices. We then created our own bar charts and were able to answer questions on these. Carroll Diagrams have also featured in our work on Data Handling.

Our spellings this week were adding ‘d’ and ‘bl,cl,fl,gl,pl and sl’. We have begun to create our stories by writing a character description of the main character in our story. Next week we will write a description of the setting and will then start to write the story.

We have continued with our house designs and there are some brilliant designs. Next we watched a powerpoint on how a house is built and had a great discussion, the children being very knowledgeable of the process. We began to sequence the order of work to be done.


Kieran came and did Futsal (Brazilian Football) with us which we all really enjoyed.


Have a good weekend everybody.

From P2B and Mrs.Burton

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