We began the week looking at paragraphing.  We were learning what paragraphs are used for and when we should be taking a new paragraph as we begin to write lengthier pieces of text.  We learned that a new paragraph should be taken when we change time, place, subject or argument.  We worked in pairs to read a passage about frogs that had not been split into paragraphs.  We discussed and highlighted where the paragraphs should have begun and ended.  We then made posters for our literacy wall, giving clear information to help us to write in paragraphs.

As part of our local area topic we continued our art theme of shape and line and drew either the Burgh Halls or St Michael’s church using charcoal pencils.  The pencils were very effective for both lines and shading and were  particularly good for drawing these old stone buildings.  We looked really carefully at the lines and shapes created by the brickwork, windows and other interesting features.  Everyone worked hard to make their drawing as accurate as possible and enjoyed using the charcoal to create various effects.

We actually have some photographs of numeracy this week!  We have all been learning to divide, using our knowledge of times tables to help us.  As always we learn a variety of methods to use when solving our maths problems and we choose the one that works best for us.  This week some children had very good recall of their tables so this really helped when it came to dividing, we also used hundred squares, counters and whiteboards to support us as we work.

In outer maths we have been reading tables and charts.  We used them to find the information we needed to answer questions.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning about different world religions.  Last week we had an introduction to several different world religions and this week we learned more about Islam, specifically Ramadan and Eid.  We read a story called ‘Rameena’s Ramadan’ in it the main character was a girl the same age as us and she helped us to learn what Ramadan and Eid are like for her.  As part of our learning we discovered that lanterns and lights are often used as decorations throughout Ramadan, we decorated and made our own lanterns.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we wrote some poetry.  We wrote acrostic poems using the words DO NOT LITTER.  We began by making notes of words and phrases that would help us to write our poem.  We used dictionaries and thesaurus’ and discussed ideas with our friends to help us to write our notes. Our poems are very good  and everyone met our success criteria.  Some children even managed to add some alliteration which was an extra challenge.

P3B have worked very hard this week, we have had a calm and busy classroom, great work everyone!

P3B and Mrs Kennedy





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