This week we have started to make guitars in Science. Our challenge is to make sounds that have three different pitches.

In maths we have been using tangrams to develop our problem solving skills. We have explored probability and the language that is used. We created our own probability lines. We also looked at co-ordinates and practised reading and writing them. We then had a go at creating shapes and characters through plotting co-ordinates.

In PE, we have continued athletics, practising hurdles. We had a quidditch session with Kieran, developing throwing, catching and team skills.

Some of us participated in the triathlon, cycling, swimming and running. We also did some Highland Games activities.

While the others were at triathlon, the rest of us played ‘The Pirate Game’, which included developing co-ordinate skills, addition and careful listening.

Have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 5 and Mrs Kerr

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